Godzilla - The Facts


Godzilla is more than just a movie or two. Godzilla is an enduring culture legend, and the most recognizable Japanese cultural symbol. He first appeared in 1954 in the Japanese movie of the same name, and has starred in several movies, comic books, animated shows, and much more. He even includes a hit rock song about him, "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult. - Godzilla 2014 Official Trailer

His origin stories vary somewhat, but they all include atomic mutation and since the Atomic bombings of Wwii were still fresh in the minds with the Japanese during those times, he's seen as metaphor from the perils associated with weapons of mass destruction. Some follow on movie stress the perils associated with pollution too.

Although he soon started being a monster, seemingly unhappy and bent on destruction and certainly terrifying, some later roles showed him being a hero, often protecting Tokyo off their monsters and generally playing the "good guy." In later movies he's gone on to be described as a villain again, but is portrayed as far more intelligent and feeling. He even adopts a son in one movie, named Minilla. Minilla continued to several other movies as well.

Godzilla has won several awards including Best Supporting Actor ("Godzilla vs. Mothra), several Japanese Oscars, and he has his or her own star around the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His appearance and also color have changed somewhat as time passes, nevertheless the essentials, large, prehistoric, and dinosaur like, have not changed significantly. And we've not seen the last of him yet. A brand new film is born outside in 2012! - Godzilla 2014 Official Trailer